Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pretty Prints are IN!

Sorry for the absence - I did initially intend to update this blog once every day, but life caught up with me. For a while I've been too busy even to eat, sleep, or shower properly - but now I think I can come back to you all.

I took a walk through town yesterday, and one thing that really stood out was the sheer volume of animal prints - more specifically, leopard prints - everywhere. This struck me as surprising, seeing as this trend was initially marketed for Spring 2010 (and before that, Summer 2009). I think it's fairly innovative to see them being used in a more autumnal setting - their full capability for ferocity and pouty moodiness can more easily be released than in a relaxed summer setting.

It looks like I was wrong to be surprised; Vogue and Elle were, as usual, ahead of the curve...

Vogue Selection

Elle Edits

The styling opportunities for leopard print are sufficiently varied. I plan on using them to give a splash of much-needed attitude against grandma-esque camel and nude fabrics. The shades are complementary, but suddenly the look is less old-world refinement (or, alternatively, bath-chairs and stair-lifts) and much more sex kitten.

I would however wear with caution against the other big trends this season - too much leopard print and leather can end up looking too much like a 1950s Bad Girl - less sexy Sandy and more one night stand. Lace, too, is tricky - getting the clashing patterns to compliment each other can look fabulous, if pulled off right, but otherwise it can end up looking much too OTT. My way of dealing with would be to utilize just one piece of both trends, and even then keeping one much bigger than the other - a fabulous leopard-print coat with black lace tights, or a lace detail around the collar of a shirt. Sheer lacy tops with leapard-print skirt and leather jacket...maybe not.

Having said this, my current attitude to this trend is to ignore all the others and go for a 90s nonchelence, as you will see in pictures coming soon.

So, what is available on the high street right now in terms of lovely prints? Here are some options.

This beautiful faux fur coat (kind to the animals!) from Topshop and


These animal-print leggings from

Leather leopard skin skirt from Just Female

Even the beauty powerhouses are picking up on this trend, as you can see from MAC's latest collection...

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection

All in all, this is one trend this season of which I am most definitely glad.


  1. love these yeah, I wore my leopard coat on Monday and posted it yesterday. I have always loved leopard, I am a bit of a rock chic. Thank you for your comment xxx

  2. Oh, interesting! I hadn't seen your post with your leopard coat, I suppose I somehow managed to skip the whole buzz completely, hence the trend took me by surprise. I'm completely lusting after a leopard coat right now...enjoy yours, you lucky thing :)

    And you're welcome btw, I really enjoy your blog. xxx

  3. love this leopard print!! especially the coat.. cool!

  4. @inge, that coat is absolutely beautiful, isn't it? I saw it in the store and fell in love. Hopefully I can make it my own at some point, that would be lovely. Thanks for your input!