Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Glorious 90s

I want to be that girl over the bathtub.

Looks like the 90s were more than baggy shirts and hair gel after all.



  1. god the 90s, I recall bad hais cuts and huge amounts of lycra and viscose without the mix. Which resulted in pop like crappy fabric that was all over priced (no primark) and the spice girls and the stupid shoes we all got because we loved them. I also recall hearing the first garbage album swearing I would marry Kurt Cobain ....crying my heart at in 94 when he died and everyone fighting over who was better Oasis or Blur. Ha ha :P memory's good and shit ....great post xx

  2. I'm too young to really remember much from the 90s...all my recollections are of diana's death and pokemon cards. It does sound like a great time to have been alive, though, especially in terms of fashion. I'd rather have supermodels with curves than size zero celebrities... as always, thanks so much for commenting xx

  3. although i am just a kid in the 90's i still miss it a lot , Sailormoon , Kate Moss , Spice Girls ! haha the era of boy bands

  4. @vampire - I was just a kid, too so I remember all that stuff too...gosh, boy bands! I'll never forgive myself for actually liking the Backstreet Boys. Dark time of my life, very dark. Thank you so much for commenting :)