Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ocean World

Apologies for this half-assed attempt at a first 'real' post; I am insanely tired, so before I hit the hay, here is the look that I wore today. Full post coming tomorrow regarding this outfit and another one on the topic of heels.

Forgive shitty iphone pictures. New posts will have 'real' photos from a decent camera. Thankyou for your understanding.

Outfit number one:

Outfit two: (explanation coming up next time)

T-Shirt: Vintage
Boyfriend Cardigan: New Look
Bangles: Accesorize
High-Waisted Shorts With Lace Detail: Topshop
Shoes: Both New Look
Shopper bag: New Look

I dress with what I can afford. I am only a student, and sometimes my heart does ache as I see stack after stack of beautiful creations that are way beyond my reach; but in any case I do not believe that money dictates style. It is still possible to create an individual, interesting (or fashionable, if that is what you wish) look with pieces from the high-street. I try my best, of course, but I am not talking of myself - many girls do it every day.

To be clear: label snobbery or fetishisation is not something you can expect to see from this blog.

Thank you for reading. I will be back tomorrow with more coherent (one hopes...) musings.

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